Dermis is a layer of skin under the skin surface. Most piercings past through the dermis, if not even deeper. The dermis, also known as corium, is one of the major skin levels. It is located between the surface of the skin, known as epidermis, and the subcutaneous tissues. Epidermis and dermis make the skin layers and are both pierced during the piercing procedure. Since piercing creates holes in the skin and dermis gets punctured, it is very important that this is done by a professional. This is why it’s so important to only get pierced at reliable piercing studios and by professionals. Doing the piercing by yourself or getting pierced by your friend is dangerous and a recipe for trouble.

Dermis as a skin layer should not be confused with dermal piercings. Dermal piercings go through the dermis but so do many other piercing types. Dermal piercings resemble regular piercings but instead of two holes, they have one. The jewelry is inserted through that hole so it stays under the skin. The best jewelry for dermal piercings are special dermal anchors. They are inserted under the skin and the tissue heals around them. It means that the anchors are implanted under the skin so they can’t be easily removed, except by a professional. The tip of the anchor protrudes through the piercing hole and sits on the surface of the skin. This creates a very effective look so dermal piercings are very popular.