Dermal Jewelry

Dermal jewelry is body jewelry made for dermal piercings, also known as single-point piercings. The main type of dermal jewelry is dermal anchors. Unlike regular piercings that have two holes, dermal piercings have only one hole. The jewelry is then inserted under the skin. These piercings are typically done on flat skin surfaces and are considered surface piercings. In order to minimize migration, rejection and other problems associated with surface piercings, it is important to use appropriate jewelry. This jewelry should also help making dermal piercings last for longer. Typical jewelry for dermal piercings are dermal anchors. These are specially designed dermal jewelry pieces made for keeping your dermal piercing safe and problem-free. Dermal anchors are small dermal jewelry pieces inserted under the skin. After the piercing is healed, the anchor stays implanted under the skin so it cannot move.

Dermal anchors have special tops that stick out of the piercing hole so they are visible on the skin surface. The tops are attached to the body of the dermal anchor and are typically decorated. While there are smooth and plain tops, there are also tops with gems and other decorations. This makes dermal jewelry highly attractive. Keep in mind that it is possible to buy only tops for your dermal anchors so you can basically change your dermal jewelry whenever you wish.