Deep Sounding

Deep sounding is urethral play that involves inserting urethral toys deep into the urethra. Typical urethral stimulation (urethral sounding) means inserting toys into the part of the urethra that is located inside the penis itself. Such toys don’t go deeper than the base of the penis so they stay inside of the shaft. Deep sounding, on the other hand, involves toys being inserted past the base of the penis and inside the body. This deep sounding can reach the prostate so it can be used for arousing prostate massage. Depending on the length of the toy and the user’s preferences, urethral toys can go even further, into the prostate and all the way to the bladder. This is known as extra-deep and extreme urethral stimulation. It is not for everybody but those who like it claim that it is very arousing and powerful.

In order to practice deep sounding you need to have appropriate urethral toys. A urethral toy has to be long enough so it can reach deep into the urethra. While there are certain straight toys that can achieve this, many people choose to use specialized sounds made for deep urethral stimulation. These sounds have a special curve that follows the natural curve of the urethra. The most popular type of these curved urethral toys are Van Buren sounds. These sounds can comfortably go very deep into the urethra and their tip can be used for some targeted prostate stimulation. Those who wish to practice deep sounding need to know that this is a technique reserved for the more experienced users. You need to know a lot about sounding and how to stay safe during urethral play before you start experimenting with deep sounding. Also, it is helpful to have a fully trained and stretched urethra that can accept longer and larger toys.