Dahlia Bites Piercing

Dahlia Bites piercing is a lip piercing consisting of two separate piercings done at a specific placement, in this case, one piercing at the each corner of the mouth. Such a combination of two or more lip piercings is known as “bites” piercing. There are many different types of bites piercings, and it all depends on the placement of the individual piercings that make up the bites piercing. If you wish to have a bites piercing done you can do the individual piercings first or you can get all of the piercings done at the same time.

Dahlia piercing is a bites piercing that consists of two lip piercings, one on the each corner of the mouth. This is one of the rare bites piercings that is not a combination of the more popular individual piercings. In other words, those who wish to get a piercing at the corner of the mouth typically do that on both sides. This is how you get two piercings and they make a Dahlia Bites piercing. Typical jewelry for all these lip piercings is a labret stud. Some people like to experiment with rings but they might be too uncomfortable when positioned at the corner of the mouth.