D Ring

D Ring is a piercing jewelry ring that has a distinctive “D” shape. These rings resemble regular piercing rings but they have a flattened edge so they are not circular in shape. This distinctive design truly sets them apart from the other piercing rings. In many ways, D Rings are their own category, but it is important to note that they belong to larger categories of rings. For example, most of the D Rings are Captive Bead Rings (CBRs). They have a body of the ring and a removable ball that goes between the two open ends of the ring. However, unlike the traditional Captive Bead Ring, a D Ring has a body that is of a distinctive shape. Regular Captive Bead Rings are round and make an almost perfect circle. D Rings, on the other hand, have curves near the ball that resemble a circle. However, the other side of the ring is flattened, so the whole ring has a special “D” shape.

This shape is very attractive so it can make any ring look distinctive. This is why D Rings look more stylish and unusual than the traditional piercing rings. However, this shape is more than just aesthetics. The shape of a D Ring actually makes the ring sit better against the skin for many piercings. For example, nipple piercings and navel piercings can benefit from a D Ring because it can sit more comfortably against the skin. There are many piercings that can use D Rings for more comfort or safety. D Rings are not always easy to get snagged on clothes, so this is yet another advantage of these rings.