Curved Barbell

Curved barbell is a special type of body piercing jewelry. The standard design of a curved barbell includes a curved bar with a ball on each end. The shaft (bar) of the curved barbell can have only a slight curve, though there are those with a more pronounced curve. There are also special curved barbells made in a J-shape, known as “banana barbells”. All of these curved barbells can accommodate similar piercings. Curved barbells are among the most popular barbell designs and some of the most popular body jewelry types in general. Because of their great popularity there is a huge variety of curved barbells to choose from. These barbells vary by size, shape, materials and decorations.

Curved barbells are the main jewelry type for navel piercings. Since the jewelry for this piercing is typically richly ornamented and attractive, belly button barbells are often among the most striking and beautiful body jewelry pieces. However, navel piercings are not the only ones that use curved barbells. Curved barbells can also be used for certain ear piercings, eyebrow piercings, as well as several types of genital piercings. When choosing a curved barbell, it is important to pick the right gauge as well as length. For example, curved barbells made for eyebrow piercings are typically smaller than belly button barbells.