Cum Stopper

Cum stopper is a small urethral toy that consists of a glans ring with a bar that has a ball on the end. The ball is inserted in the urethra so it prevents the semen to be ejaculated from the penis. Cum stoppers are among the smallest and shortest urethral toys so they can be used even on people who don’t have a stretched and trained urethra. On the other hand, these little toys are very powerful since they can prevent the semen from being ejaculated, thus causing retrograde ejaculation. With retrograde ejaculation, the semen doesn’t get expelled from the penis through the pee hole. It goes back through the urethra all the way to the bladder and gets expelled with the next urination. This is generally not dangerous but it is important to visit a doctor before trying it to make sure that it is safe for you to do it. Also, retrograde ejaculation should not be done too often.

Those who like the feeling of retrograde ejaculation will enjoy a nice cum stopper. Cum stoppers are made of high-quality metal, which makes them safe for the body. A typical cum stopper consists of a glans ring that goes around the penis head and a short rod with a ball on the end. The glans ring secures the toy inside of the penis and it provides additional stimulation. The rod gets inserted through the pee hole into the urethra. The ball rubs nicely around the edges of the urethra and it prevents the semen from being ejaculated. Some cum stoppers come with two or more balls for a more intense feeling.