Cum Plug

Cum plug, also known as cum blocker, is a special urethral toys made for preventing the semen from being ejaculated from the penis. These are typically small toys that are inserted into the pee hole. A nice cum plug can have a very powerful effect so this is important to keep in mind. A cum plug can cause retrograde ejaculation, which makes the semen go back to the bladder. Since the semen cannot be ejaculated from the pee hole due to the cum plug being inserted into the urethra, the semen goes back through the urethra all the way to the bladder. It is expelled from the body with the next urination. This is not dangerous in itself for most people, but you should not repeat it too often. Also, it is important to check with a doctor whether it is safe for you to practice retrograde ejaculation. Remember, all forms of urethral play bring certain risks so you need to do everything you can to stay safe.

A cum plug is a small toy. It consists of a short rod with a ball on the end. This ball gets inserted into the urethra. The rod is typically attached to the glans ring. The glans ring goes around the head of the penis and it keeps the toy in place while providing additional stimulation to the user. Cum plugs are not difficult to use but they are very powerful since they prevent the semen from being ejaculated from the penis. This is why it is important to be careful while using these toys. Some people really like the feeling of retrograde ejaculation or ejaculating with a urethral toy inside. These people truly appreciate what a nice cum plug can bring.