Cum Blocker

Cum blocker is a urethral toy specially designed to prevent semen to be ejaculated from the penis. It is a tiny toy that has a glans ring and a bar with a ball on the end. The bar is gently inserted into the penis so the ball can prevent the semen from being ejaculated. Cum blockers are very powerful urethral toys despite their small size. On the other hand, their small dimensions make them very comfortable to wear so they are good even for beginners who don’t have a stretched urethra. There is one word of caution, though: cum blockers prevent the semen from exiting from the pee hole and cause retrograde ejaculation. While this is not an extreme form of urethral play it is not something for absolute beginners. You need to be careful if you want to use cum blockers and to always be informed about how to stay safe. Retrograde ejaculation is not harmful but it is best if you don’t do it too often. Before you try it, it is best to consult a kink-friendly doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to use cum blockers and other types of urethral toys.

Cum blockers are ideal for those who like to experiment with urethral toys and retrograde ejaculation. Most cum blockers are sturdy and intense enough, despite their small size. Some cum stoppers include more than one ball for a more powerful experience. Others have thicker glans rings or other features made for additional stimulation during use.