Conch Piercing

Conch piercing is an ear piercing done on ear cartilage near the center of the ear. The name of the piercing comes from the fact that this part of the ear cartilage resembles a conch shell. Conch piercings come in two main types: inner conch and outer conch. Both are popular and there are many people who choose to have both done. However, it is important to know how to tell an inner and outer conch piercing apart, in case you want to get only one of them. The inner conch is done on the cup-shaped area of the ear cartilage. This is the area in the center of the ear adjacent to the ear canal. The outer conch piercing is positioned on the flat part of the ear cartilage, between the Helix and Anti-Helix piercings. A good thing about both of these variants is that they are located near the center of the ear, which makes them secure against migration and rejection. Both variants take about 6 months to heal properly.

Typical jewelry for both variants of a conch piercing is a simple stud or a small Captive Bead Ring. Some people choose to make a conch orbital for a truly striking effect. A conch orbital is made of two piercings connected by the same ring. This way, it looks like the ring orbits around the ear, which produces a very attractive look.Just like other ear cartilage piercing, conch can be sensitive and painful after the procedure. Also, it is important to find an experienced piercer who knows how to pierce ear cartilage correctly. Conch piercings are somewhat prone to infections so it is important to perform proper aftercare according to the instructions you’ll receive from your piercer.