Cockscrew, or cock screw, is a name for several different CBT devices. Those Cock and Ball Torture toys are specially designed for those who are into painful pleasures but who also want to do it in a safe way. This is why it’s important that all CBT devices are well-designed and safe for use. Cockscrew uses special screws and other features made for targeted and intense cock and ball play. Many people also refer to these toys as “ball crushers”. As the name suggests, these toys are reserved only for those who are into painful pleasures and extreme cock and ball play. It is important to use them responsibly since they can cause a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to use them. At the same time, these toys are specially designed to keep you safe even during extreme play.

Some people refer to some other types of toys and devices as a cockscrew. For example, this term can refer to special screws used to keep two halves of a ball stretcher together. These ball stretchers are made for stretching the balls to achieve low hangers but they may also be used for CBT and other extreme forms of play. Also, the term “cockscrew” may also refer to some specialized vibrators that have a shape of a stylized screw. This is why it’s important to ask to make sure that you are referring to the same type of a cockscrew when ordering your adult toys.