Cockring, also known as cock ring or a penis ring, is a special sex toy made for more powerful erections. It also enhances sexual experience for both partners. Cockrings are among the most popular male adult toys. A typical cockring is worn around the base of the penis. When positioned at this spot, the cockring constricts the blood flow so it makes the erection stronger and more powerful. A nice cockring can also make the penis more sensitive and to improve the experience for both partners during sexual intercourse. There are also other types of cockrings. Some are worn around the scrotum and there are also the so-called “double” and “triple” cock rings. These cock rings concist of more than one loop. One ring goes around the base of the penis while the other goes around the scrotum. With triple cockrings, the third ring goes around both the scrotum and the base of the penis. There are also special cock rings that are worn under the penis head. Such a cockring is known as the glans ring.

Cockrings are very powerful and can enhance the erections and cause numerous arousing effects. However, it is important to use them carefully. Since cock rings constrict the blood flow, it is dangerous to wear them for prolonged periods of time. This is particularly true for metal cock rings. These are sturdy and provide a tight grip. This makes for very powerful effects but it can be dangerous if you leave the ring on for too long. It is best to remove a metal cockring after 20 to 30 minutes the most. Keep this in mind to prevent potential problems while enjoying a cock ring.