Clean Room

Clean room or a cleanroom, is a special space within a facility that has a low level of dust, microbes and other pollutants. Clean rooms are typically used in manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and scientific research but are also needed in piercing studios. While clean rooms in piercing studios are not as strictly sealed and protected as some others, it is important to understand their importance. In order for a piercing studio to be safe and reliable, it has to have a clean room. This clean room should be sterile to ensure safety of clients and piercers during the piercing procedures and other activities.

One of the most important aspects of a clean room is an autoclave. This is a device used for proper sterilization of all the tools used in the piercing studio, as well as jewelry. In order for a piercing studio to be completely safe and clean, it has to have a properly working autoclave. This is the only way to ensure the safety and to keep a clean room truly clean. Simply having an autoclave is not enough, though: it has to be fully functional so it can remove all the harmful pathogens. This is why it is important for an autoclave to pass regular checks and to have a current autoclave maintenance report. All reliable studios will have this report and a fully functional autoclave so these are the only places to get pierced.