Circular Barbell

Circular barbell is also known as horseshoe barbell. This is one of the three most common barbell types. Along with straight and curved barbells, circular barbells make the majority of body jewelry barbells people use for their piercings. The characteristic design of a circular barbell resembles a horseshoe. The shaft of these barbells is almost completely circular in shape. At the first glance, these barbells may resemble rings. However, unlike rings, circular barbells have a gap and do not make a full circle. Instead, there is a ball on the each end of the barbell.

Circular barbells are generally simple yet very attractive body jewelry pieces. They can be used for many different piercing types, from earlobes to nipples and even genitalia. Generally speaking, wherever you can use a ring you can also use a circular barbell. However, it is important to always check if your piercing can accommodate a circular barbell before you order it. Typical piercings that use circular barbells as jewelry include earlobe piercings, certain ear cartilage piercings, tragus piercing, septum piercing, Madison piercing, nipple piercing and Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing (HCH). As noted above, circular barbells can often successfully replace rings if you are looking for something different to wear in your piercing.