Christina Piercing

Christina piercings is a female genital piercing done on the mons Venus (pubic mound). The exact placement is the spot where the outer labia meet. This is a surface piercing that is prone to migration, rejection and other common problems that affect surface piercings. Typical jewelry for a Christina piercing is a long curved barbell or a surface bar. Keep in mind that this piercing is anatomy-dependent: not all women are built in a way that allows for this piercing to be done. If you are interested in a Christina piercing make sure to book a consultation with an experienced piercer to find out if your anatomy can support this piercing.

Christina piercing is decorative in nature, which means that it does not enhance pleasure during intercourse. However, it can look very stylish so many women choose to have this piercing done. It heals relatively fast, in 3 to 5 months, through it is important to take a good care of it during the healing time. Keep in mind that a Christina piercing is relatively long, which means that the jewelry goes through a lot of tissue. This can make the piercing uncomfortable or even painful, particularly during the healing. Wearing tight underwear is not recommended because it might snag on the jewelry and hurt the piercing.