Cheek Piercing

Cheek piercing is a facial piercing done through the cheek. This is a somewhat rare piercing that is typically done on both sides of the face. Cheek piercings can look very effective, particularly when they make it seem like the person has dimples. Cheek piercings can be very sensitive so it is crucial to get pierced by an experienced piercer who has plenty of experience with this piercing type. Cheek piercings are both facial and oral piercings, since they partially reside inside of the mouth and partially outside of the mouth. This is why it’s so important to perform adequate aftercare that is suitable for both facial and oral piercings. Similarly to lip piercings, cheek piercings require this double aftercare regime to stay clean and healthy. If you want to have a cheek piercing it is important to be ready to clean it regularly and thoroughly.

Generally speaking, cheek piercings are done on the sweet spot on the cheek, right where a dimple is located. However, other placements are also possible but it is important to choose the right spots that will not harm any blood vessels. This is yet another reason why choosing a piercer with plenty of experience is so important. Typical jewelry for cheek piercings are long labret studs.