Chastity Tube

Chastity tube is a special device made for male chastity play. This is a tube in which a penis is locked and secured to prevent masturbation and sex. A good chastity tube or another device is necessary for a successful chastity play. Typically, a chastity tube consists of a sturdy yet comfortable penis tube, a base ring and a lock. The tube needs to be strong enough to withstand any force so it keeps the penis securely inside. This will prevent the wearer to stimulate himself and enjoy sexual pleasure unless the keyholder unlocks him. At the same time, a good chastity tube has to be comfortable and safe for the body. Since most people spend long periods of time locked up, the tube has to allow for some air flow and urination. These are essential requirements for a safe and successful chastity tube. Most of the male chastity devices have to fulfill the same requirements.

A good chastity tube typically includes some additions. There is also a base ring on the end that secures the tube. This ring goes around the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles. The ring resembles a regular cock ring but it is securely attached to the chastity tube. Another important feature of a chastity tube is the lock and a key. For a good chastity play it is crucial that the man cannot escape the chastity device and experience pleasure. The only way to achieve sexual pleasure is for the keyholder to unlock the chastity tube and allow the man to reach the arousal. This is why a lock is such an important part of any chastity tube.