CBT Device

CBT device, also known as Cock and Ball Torture device, is any toy or a tool used for cock and ball torture. Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a form of a kink play which involves inflicting pain on penis and testicles. Many people find this sort of a pain arousing, so CBT is one of the most popular forms of painful pleasures. However, this is an activity that brings certain risks so it is important to follow safety guidelines and to always use a proper CBT device for your play.

Since there is no one way to perform cock and ball torture, there is no one universal CBT device to use. There are, in fact, many toys that are specially designed for cock and ball torture. These devices provide intense sensations and satisfy those seeking painful pleasures. At the same time, these toys are made to be safe so they will not endanger your health if you use them carefully. The most popular types of CBT devices include extreme ball stretchers, spiked cock rings, humblers, testicle cuffs, ball crushers, extreme urethral toys, and more. If you wish to practice CBT always make sure to use only a proper cock and ball torture device that is designed for this purpose. This is the only way to stay safe during CBT play.