Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage piercing is any body piercing done through the cartilage. The most popular form of this piercing is ear cartilage piercing, but keep in mind that many other body cartilages can be pierced with success. However, other types of cartilage piercings are generally not as popular as ear cartilage piercings. These piercings are not extreme but they are very sensitive so it’s important to choose an experienced piercer. If pierced incorrectly or if the placement is bad, it can lead to the destruction of the cartilage, which may lead to the collapse of the ear. It is therefore vital to get pierced at a reliable studio and by an experienced professional. Getting pierced by piercing guns or by non-professionals can cause a lot of trouble because cartilage tends to be sensitive and easily injured.

There are many different types of ear cartilage piercings. These have different names depending on the spot of the cartilage that is pierced. It is important to know the exact piercing type you have because that determines the jewelry you will need to wear. The most popular ear cartilage piercings include helix piercing, anti-helix piercing, auricle piercing, inner and outer conch piercings, tragus, rook and daith piercings.