Captive Bead Ring

Captive Bead Ring, also known as CBR, is the most common body jewelry ring design. These rings are so popular that many people refer to any body jewelry piece as a “piercing ring”. Captive Bead Rings are comfortable and can go with almost any fashion style so this is one of the reason why they are so popular. However, there is another reason for their popularity: these rings can accommodate a wide range of piercings. In fact, most piercing types can use a CBR for jewelry. It is therefore not surprising that Captive Bead Rings are so popular and that there are many different varieties and designs of CBRs to choose from.

The basic design of a CBR is simple. Captive Bead Rings are typically round and make a perfect loop. However, there are also elliptical or D-shaped Captive Bead Rings. A CBR also includes a bead, hence the name. The bead is there to close the ring and to prevent it from slipping out of the piercing. One side of the ring is typically dimpled so the bead can be inserted. These beads can be popped in and out when the ends of the rings are slightly separated. Beads can be simple but many come in vivid colors and decorations. One problem with beads is that they can fall off, so this is a potential risk. For bigger rings, it is advisable to use special ring opening and ring closing pliers to open and close your Captive Bead Rings.