Canine Bites Piercing

Canine bites piercing is a form of a group lip piercing. This is one form of the popular “bites” piercings, that is, several lip piercings done at the precise spots to form one distinctive group. Most bites piercings consist of two lip piercings but some, like canine bites, consist of four lip piercings. Canine bites piercing consist of individual lip piercings done on both sides of the both the upper and lower lip. In essence, this is a combination of two other bites piercings, Angel bites and Snake bites piercings. When Canine bites piercings are in place the wearer essentially has one piercing on each of the four sides of the mouth. These piercings are typically not done centrally but to the side, near the corner of the lip.

Canine bites is a combination of Snake bites and Angel bites. Snake bites are the most popular of all bites piercings: it consists of two piercings, one on the each side of the lower lip. Angel bites is similar, but done on the upper lip. Canine bites essentially combines the two. In order to get Canine bites you can either get all four piercings together or simply choose to have both Snake bites and Angel bites. Typical jewelry for all these piercings are labret studs but some people choose to wear Captive Bead Rings in their Canine bites piercings.