Butt Jewelry

Butt jewelry or anal jewelry is piercing jewelry used for anal piercings and other genital piercings around the anal area. While there are many genital piercings done around the anus, it is important to note that this is not the most popular spot to pierce. In fact, most of the genital piercings are not anal piercings. In this sense, there are not many different butt jewelry styles people use. At the same time, there are some very popular genital piercings that are done around the anal area. These piercings need their own jewelry, which is known as butt jewelry. The most common of these piercings are not actually done on the anus itself but on the perineum. This is a very sensitive tissue between genitalia and the anus. Male genital piercing on the perineum is known as Guiche piercing while a female genital piercing on the perineum is known as Fourchette. Both of these piercings require specific jewelry. Guiche piercings usually use Captive Bead Rings or another type of rings as their jewelry, while Fourchette piercings typically use curved barbells.

On the other hand, there are also people with a proper anal piercing. While anal piercings are not as common as other types of intimate piercings, there are many people who have them. A true anal piercing goes partially through the anal sphincter, so this is a very sensitive piercing. It requires very smooth and safe butt jewelry. Ideal butt jewelry for anal piercings are strong Captive Bead Rings and other super-smooth piercing rings.