Branding is a form of body modification that involves scarification on the skin. Branding is typically done by applying heated metal to create serious burns that eventually heal into scars. This produces a very specific look on the skin in the form of raised, thick lines. Fully healed branding is typically a bit lighter than the skin color. Branding can create various patterns and there are some people who like this body modification so much that they decide to get branded on various body parts. Typical locations for branding include arms and legs but there are also many people who get branded on their back, chest or other body parts. Branding and scarification are a well-known and ancient practice in certain parts of the world. However, they became popular in the West only in late 20th century. The raised lines produced through branding are actually keloid scars. These scars can vary in their thickness and appearance. A lot depend on the tool used to create branding but it also depends on the individual’s anatomy and the body’s response. This is why you cannot always predict what your branding will look like. Keep in mind that brands take a long time to heal so you need to be careful until it’s fully healed.