Body Piercing Wheel Gauge

Body Piercing Wheel Gauge is a tool that many piercers and piercing enthusiasts use for measuring body jewelry. This wheel gauge is a very quick and accurate way to tell the exact gauge of a jewelry piece, which is incredibly important. Piercers use body piercing wheel gauges regularly for their tools and jewelry collections because it is very important to only use the right sizes that match the gauge of a piercing. However, a body piercing wheel gauge is more than just a tool at a piercing studio. All piercing enthusiasts should have one, particularly those with numerous piercings or many different jewelry pieces. This is the only way to quickly and accurately tell the size of a given jewelry piece so you know where to use it.

A nice body piercing wheel gauge is great for those with stretched piercings, because it is crucial to always take a note of your current piercing size and to use only jewelry of the appropriate gauge. Keep in mind that one of the basic rules of piercing jewelry is to always use only jewelry of the same gauge as the one of your piercing. By using a body piercing wheel gauge you will be able to identify the exact sizes of all your jewelry pieces. This is particularly useful for large gauge jewelry pieces but a wheel gauge is useful for many different gauge sizes in your collection.