Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is special jewelry made for body piercings and other body modifications. These jewelry pieces are specially designed to be used for body piercings and usually cannot be worn for a different purpose. Body jewelry comes in many different styles, shapes and decorations so there is a high variety of pieces to choose from. Since body jewelry is so varied it is important to know how to choose the best jewelry for your piercings. Not all body jewelry pieces will suit all piercings. The first thing to take into account is the piercing type. Different piercings and body parts require different body jewelry pieces. Not all piercings can accommodate all body jewelry types. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the body jewelry pieces. This refers, first and foremost, to the gauge (thickness) of body jewelry. This gauge has to be the same as the gauge (diameter) of your piercing hole. In other words, the thickness of the body jewelry you will use has to match the thickness of the piercing needle you were pierced with. Other factors to take into account when choosing body jewelry is the length of the post, decorations and personal preferences.

The most common body jewelry type is a ring. There are many different types of body jewelry rings you can use but the most popular ones are Captive Bead Rings. Another common jewelry type is the barbell. There are several standard barbell types, such as straight, curved and circular barbells. Other popular body jewelry types are made specially for certain piercings, such as labret studs for lip piercings or nosebones for nostril piercings. Finally, there are special body jewelry types designed for stretched piercings. These include ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets, and more.