Bio Plastic

Bio plastic, also known as bioplastics, is special materials that can be used to make soft and flexible piercing jewelry. Special Bioplast material is particularly good for making safe and comfortable jewelry pieces. Bio plastic materials are typically made from renewable organic sources, such as vegetable oils, corn starch and other organic sources. However, it is also possible to make bio plastic materials from used plastic bottles and other sources. This is why it’s so important to know what kind of a bio plastic material is used to make body jewelry. Not all bioplastics are suitable for body jewelry. In order to avoid problems with bad bio plastic materials, make sure to only buy body jewelry from reputable stores.

Jewelry made of bio plastic is soft yet strong. It is flexible and lightweight, so it is very comfortable. Bio plastic jewelry is ideal for those situations in which you are not allowed to wear metal jewelry in your piercings. For example, airports, hospitals and certain job situations prevent you from wearing metal jewelry. This is where bio plastic jewelry pieces come into rescue. The best bio plastic material for body piercings is Bioplast. This body jewelry is flexible, comfortable and biocompatible so it is safe for the use in body piercings.