Bent Barbell

Bent barbell, also known as a surface barbell, is a popular body jewelry piece. It consists of a shaft with a bent and two beads, one on the each end. There are many different types of bent barbells to choose from. The main difference is the curve on the shaft. Some bent barbells have a nicely curved body while others are almost straight, only with a small bent on the end. Such barbells are also known as bananabells or banana barbells and are very popular for navel piercings. There are also barbells with a sharp bent. Some of these barbells have a bent that is almost 90 degrees so it looks very dramatic. You can also find a bent barbell that has more than one curve. Some of these barbells are almost spiral so are known as spiral barbells. As you can see, there are many different types of bent barbells.

It is possible to use a bent barbell for many different piercing types. Those with a slight bent are often richly decorated and used for navel piercings. Bent barbells can also be used for various ear piercings or even nipple piercings. Barbells with a sharp bent or even two sharp bents at 90 degrees are sometimes used for surface piercings. These barbells are also known as surface anchors. They are a more comfortable option for surface piercings and they can minimize the risk of migration, rejection and other problems associated with surface piercings.