Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing is among the most popular piercings in the world. In fact, some statistics show that these are the most common piercings after earlobe piercing. Belly button piercing, also known as navel piercing, looks very beautiful and it comes with numerous jewelry choices to use. While most of the people with this piercing are women, it is important to remember that belly button piercing can look great on people of any gender. Another good thing about navel piercings is that they go with almost any fashion style or clothing combination.

The most common is the so-called “regular” navel piercing. This is a standard belly button piercing that is done through the upper ridge of the navel. What is pierced is the thin piece of skin just above the belly button. This is the most common placement for a belly button piercing. Typical jewelry for this piercing type is a curved barbell. There are many gorgeous curved barbells to choose from. Regular (classic) belly button piercing is not the only way to go, though. This piercing has numerous variations and several alternative placements. The most common of these alternative placements is the so-called “inverse navel piercing”. It resembles regular belly button piercing but instead on the upper, it is done on the lower ridge of the navel. Other common belly button piercing placements include horizontal navel piercing (done on the sides of the navel) and a cross, when vertical and horizontal navel piercings are combined. All of these belly button piercing types use the same jewelry style, curved barbell.