Beaded Labia

Beaded labia are a body modification that involves implanting special beads under the skin of labia. It is possible to have Inner or Outer beaded labia, depending on the preference. In some rare cases, women choose to have both their Inner and Outer labia beaded. Beaded labia are a relatively rare modification so there is no much info about it. However, using special beads on genitalia for the purpose of sexual pleasure is a popular thing among some people. It is the most prevalent on the penis but it is also possible to do it on other parts of genitalia. The purpose of inserting special beads under the skin of genitalia is known as genital beading. It is popular because of the aesthetics and also because it enhances pleasure during sex. Beading on the penis is particularly popular and there are many men who use it. Women with beaded labia say that the beads improve the sensation for both them and their partners so this modification is becoming more and more popular.

Beaded labia are not so common but there are some women who want to get this modification. To have beaded labia, it is important to find an experienced and reliable piercer with plenty of knowledge performing this type of modification. Typically, the beads that are inserted are made of titanium or steel but it is also possible to use other materials, such as silicone. It is possible to insert the beads using a technique similar to a frenum piercing (except that with beading, the jewelry is completely kept inside of the wound) or it is possible to do the implant technique. In any case, it is important to be done by a reliable professional so there is no consequence. Beaded labia and other beading is more or less permanent but beads can be surgically removed. Keep this in mind if you decide to have beaded labia.