Basic Piercing Jewelry

Basic piercing jewelry is common jewelry used for body piercings. While there are numerous body jewelry types and designs there are certain classic styles used for many different piercings. This basic piercing jewelry is far from plain: many of these pieces are very attractive and highly ornamented. However, they come in several common styles and types so they can be used for many different piercing types.

The most common types of basic piercing jewelry are rings and barbells. Rings are probably the most common body jewelry type. These are typically round hoops that go inside the piercing. There are different ways to close a ring, which produces different ring designs. The most popular ring types include Captive Bead Rings (CBRs), fixed rings, screwball rings, segment and seamless rings. Another basic piercing jewelry type is the barbell. A barbell has a shaft and a bead on the each end. Depending on the shape of the shaft, barbells can be straight, curved, circular or spiral. Other basic piercing jewelry is specially designed for certain piercings. For example, nose bones and nose screws are specially made for nostril piercings. Labret studs are made for various types of lip piercings and large-gauge jewelry pieces (such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels and earlets) are specially designed for stretched piercings.