Barbells are among the most common body jewelry types that can be used for a wide range of piercings. Barbells are, with rings, the most popular piercing jewelry styles. One great thing about barbells is that they come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and decorations. This is why they are so varied and common. Most people with piercings own at least one barbell jewelry piece. There is a characteristic basic design of a barbell: it consists of a shaft with bead on both ends (one bead on each end). It is always possible to remove one or both of the beads. Removable beads are attached to the shaft with threading. Threading can be internal or external. Internally threaded barbells are better because they have a bead with a threaded post while the shaft has a smooth ending. This is more comfortable and safer than externally threaded barbells (that have a shaft with a threaded post and a smooth ball) because you don’t have to run a threaded post through the piercing when you insert the jewelry. This is extremely important so this is why internally threaded barbells are considered high-quality and are recommended, particularly for new piercings.

While barbells have a basic design of a shaft with two beads, it is important to note that barbells vary greatly when it comes to the shape of the shaft. The most popular types of barbells are those with a straight shaft (straight barbells), curved shaft (curved barbells) and circular shaft (circular barbells). However, there are also many other possibilities when it comes to the shape of the shaft, such as zig zag or spiral. Depending on the barbell type and the shape of the barbell, a specific barbell piece may be suitable for one or more piercings. Before you use barbells for your piercing, make sure to learn which type of a barbell is good for your piercing type.