Barbell is one of the most popular body jewelry types. Most of the piercings can use some sort of a barbell. Barbells are as common as rings when it comes to piercing jewelry, so there is a large variety of different types, shapes, sizes and decorations you can find. People who are into body piercings typically own at least one barbell jewelry piece. Barbells have a characteristic basic design: they consist of a bar (shaft) with one bead on the each end. One or both beads are removable and attached to the barbell using threading. There are two main types of threading: internal and external. With internal threading, the ball has a threaded post while the bar of the barbell has a smooth ending. Externally threaded barbells, on the other hand, have a bar with a threaded post and a smooth ball. Internally threaded barbells are much better because they do not hurt the tissue when inserted. This is very important for the new piercings in healing and this is why these types of barbells are generally considered to be of higher quality.

Despite a common basic design, barbells come in many different styles and shapes. The most popular types of barbells are straight, curved, circular and spiral barbells. They all have a bar (shaft) with a ball on each end. However, the main difference is the shape of the shaft. Straight barbells have a straight shaft. Curved barbells have a shaft with a slight or a more pronounced curve. Circular barbells resemble a horseshoe. Spiral barbells have spiral shafts.