Barb Wire Rings

Barb wire rings are special types of piercing rings that have a barb wire decoration. While typical rings include beads or gems as decorations, barb wire rings include a special barb wire decoration. This decoration can be bigger or smaller, depending on the ring. It always includes at least one spiral of the barb wire. In order for a ring to belong to this type, it has to have a barb wire decoration instead of a typical bead. The exact look of the barb wire decorations, the number of spirals and spikes or thickness of the barb wire are not so important. There are many different types of barb wire decorations that go with piercing rings. These rings are very effective and can enhance the look of any piercing. They look different than the typical piercing rings so they attract a lot of attention.

Both men and women can use barb wire rings as piercing jewelry. These rings can be used for almost any piercing type that can use rings. Popular choices include nipple piercings, ear piercings, certain lip piercings or even navel piercings. Barb wire rings can be made of many different materials but typical one is Surgical Steel. This gives the rings a bold, strong appearance so they are even more effective.