Bar Closure Ring

Bar Closure Ring is a special type of a piercing ring that has a bar instead of a bead. It is very similar to the common Captive Bead Ring and it works on the same principle, only with a bar instead of a bead. One advantage of a Bar Closure Ring is that it gives a much smoother appearance to the ring. These rings resemble seamless and segment rings, so they look very elegant. While Bar Closure Rings are not as common as Captive Bead Rings, they make a very attractive choice for various piercings. One great advantage of these rings is that they look more elegant so they can make for a truly eye-catching look and enhance your style.

A Bar Closure Ring typically has a round or an oval body with a straight bar. It gives the ring a D-shape, though it is important to understand that these rings are not the same as general D-shaped rings. The shape of the ring and the bar can accommodate numerous piercings and it can sit very well against the skin. This is a great choice for those piercings in which a bead would be uncomfortable to use or would ruin the look. At the same time, Bar Closure Rings are very similar to the elegant seamless and segment rings while being easier to open and close. This gives you plenty opportunities to use a Bar Closure Ring in very effective ways.