Bananabells, also known as banana barbells, are a special type of curved barbells with a J-curve. These barbells are ideal for navel piercings and they are mostly used for these piercings. However, bananabells can also be used for many different piercing types, including some intimate piercings. Bananabells are ideal for belly button piercings because their shape makes the jewelry sit comfortably on the navel. It also helps enhancing the look of the navel piercing and it makes any decoration such as gems and dangles stand out.

As a general design, bananabells are curved barbells. However, there is a notable difference in the shape and the angle of the curve. Typical curved barbells have shaft that is curved all the way from the top to the bottom. The angle of the curve might be bigger or smaller but it goes from top to bottom as a bow. Most standard curved barbells have a shape of an elongated letter C. With banana barbells, it is a bit different. These curved barbells have almost a straight shaft and a pronounced curve at the bottom. The curve is an almost 90 degree bent at one end, typically on the bottom of the barbell. This is why these barbells have a shape of a letter J. This is why these are known as J bars or J barbells. This shape also resembles a banana so this is why they are called banana barbells or bananabells.