Ball Weights

Ball weights are special weights used for ball stretching. There are three main types of ball weights: independent stretching devices, weight incorporated into ball stretchers and small weights used for enhancing ball stretching sensations. All of these are known under the name “ball weights” but can represent many different things. The most common ones are independent stretching devices. These are typically made of metal and are ring shaped, oval or have another shape. These devices close around the scrotum for the purpose of stretching. These are commonly known under the name “ball stretchers”.

Another type of ball weights are those incorporated into ball stretching devices. Typically, these are round metal weights inside leather ball stretchers. The weights provide intensity and improve results of leather ball stretchers. These weights are generally smaller and lighter than full ball weights shaped into independent ball stretchers. Finally, there are smaller ball weights used to enhance the feeling of ball stretching. These weights are compact and made to be attached to the existing ball stretchers. The most common type of a ball stretcher to use additional weights is parachute ball stretcher. These ball weights are attached using hooks or ropes that go on the metal chains that are part of the stretcher. These small ball weights can also be used to add additional weight to piercings or to provide additional stimulation for cock and ball torture (CBT) play.