Ball Stretcher

A Ball stretcher is a device used for ball stretching (also known as testicular stretching or scrotum stretching). There are many men who would like to have low-hanging balls and who enjoy the feeling of their scrotum being stretched. This is why there are numerous devices you can use to expand your scrotum and stretch your balls to the fullest. These devices are special sex toys designed for the purpose of ball stretching.

Ball stretchers, also known as ball weights, come in several distinctive types. The most popular are metal ball stretchers that are worn around the scrotum. These metal ball stretchers are specially designed to provide comfort while giving you excellent results. Another common type of ball stretchers are leather stretchers. These are not as intense but they provide good results in a combination with metal ball stretchers. Ball stretchers come in many different sizes and heights, so you can find the ones to match your needs and preferences perfectly. It is particularly important to make sure that your ball stretcher is of an appropriate size. It needs to fit you perfectly. The best way to determine which size (diameter) of a ball stretcher you need is to carefully measure yourself before ordering a ball stretcher.