Ball Pulling

Ball pulling is an activity that can be a part of a BDSM routine or a goal to achieve low-hanging balls. Those who wish to have lower hanging testicles sometimes practice ball stretching using special ball weights. All of these activities can be understood as ball pulling. While the name sounds extreme, ball pulling can be as gentle or as harsh as you make it. As such, it can be simply a method for achieving low-hanging testicles, which doesn’t have to be painful at all. On the other hand, ball pulling can be extreme and part of the CBT (cock and ball torture) scenario. There are various adult toys and devices you can use for ball pulling, be it the gentler or the harsher variety. The most popular form of ball pulling is done with the help of ball stretching devices but it is also possible to use ropes, humblers and other extreme BDSM devices. These are made for those who are into painful pleasures and extreme sensations.

Ball pulling with the purpose of ball stretching is done using ball weights and other stretching devices. These ball stretchers fit around the scrotum and provide a nice pull that results in lower hanging balls. There are various types of ball stretchers but the most popular ones are metal ball stretchers (such as 2 piece stretchers), leather ball stretchers and parachute ball stretchers. In order to achieve low hanging balls it is important to use ball stretching weights consistently for a longer period of time. This ball pulling will eventually result in lower testicles but remember to take your devices off regularly to let your body recover from the weight of ball stretchers before you start another session.