Ball Parachute

Ball parachute, also known as a parachute ball stretcher, is a special type of a ball stretching device. Generally conical in shape, this leather ball stretcher snaps around the testicles just like any other type of a testicular stretching device. However, ball parachute comes with an extra: it includes special metal chains made for hanging additional weights. These weights can be positioned using hooks or ropes. The weights add additional power to the ball stretcher and can greatly enhance the experience. These weights can also make the ball stretching results more effective.

The best thing about a ball parachute is that it opens numerous opportunities for sexual games. Those who are into painful pleasures and CBT (cock and ball torture) will particularly enjoy a parachute ball stretcher. Additional weights can add so much intensity to ball stretching. Also, chains can be used to tie ropes or other bondage gear. Some people like to pull on the chains for teasing and intense sensations. In so many ways, a parachute ball stretcher is a powerful sex toy that can be used for kinky games between partners. At the same time, it is a very effective ball stretcher in its own right. The only downside to a ball parachute is that the design doesn’t allow you to wear this stretcher under clothes so you can’t go with it in public.