Ball Closure Rings

Ball Closure Rings (BCRs), also known as Captive Bead Rings (CBRs), are the most popular body jewelry rings. They have a standard ring design that can go with numerous piercings. These rings are elegant, comfortable and very attractive, so it is not surprising that they are so popular. Ball Closure Rings consist of a loop (body) and the ball. The loop is not completely closed so there is space to insert the ball. Most of these rings have special indents so the ball can sit nicely when the ring is closed. Ball Closure Rings can be used for almost all body piercings, such as earlobe, ear cartilage, eyebrow, lip, tongue, nose, nipple and various types of genital piercings.

These rings do not have a ball attached to the body of the ring so the balls can be popped in and out of the ring. This makes for a very quick mechanism but opening and closing of the ring is not always easy. To help you with these tasks and to prevent bending of the ring’s body in the process, it is best to use special ring opening and ring closing pliers. Opening and closing of Ball Closure Rings becomes even trickier if you use large gauge rings so it’s important to use special, large pliers to open and close these rings. Even with this trouble, Ball Closure Rings remain popular because they are so comfortable to wear and can go with many different piercings. One potential trouble with BCRs is that the ball can get lost. Since the ball is not attached to the ring, it may pop out on its own or you may lose it when you take your ring off. This is why it’s always best to have some spare beads and balls to use if you ever lose the original one.