Autoclave is a device used for sterilizing piercing tools, jewelry, sex toys and other devices. All piercing studios need to have a properly-maintained autoclave to be safe and reliable. Never allow to be pierced in a studio that doesn’t have an autoclave. This machine is essential for ensuring safety in a piercing studio. Keep in mind that having an autoclave is not enough: it also has to be fully functional and to pass regular checks. When choosing a piercing studio makes sure to ask them about the autoclave maintenance report to ensure that it’s working properly.

An autoclave can remove all harmful agents, such as bacteria, viruses, dirt, fungi, spores and other bad things. This is the only way to sterilize your tools properly. The machine works by heating water to very high temperatures, which is something you cannot achieve in your home by simply boiling tools in hot water. Autoclave can achieve full sterilization through high pressure and heat. The process takes about 15 minutes. There are many materials that can be successfully autoclaved: various types of metals, some types of acrylics (such as Bioflex, Bioplast, PTFE and PMMA). However, keep in mind that certain materials cannot be autoclaved, such as plastics and numerous organic materials such as bone, stone, wood and horn. Also, many acrylics cannot be autoclaved (apart from those mentioned above).