Auricle Piercing

Auricle piercing is an ear piercing located on the middle part of the outer rim of the ear cartilage. This is a very specific placement so it’s important that the piercer get it right and position it under the ear’s helix. Keep in mind that this spot is rich in nerve endings, which means that the Auricle piercing tends to be sensitive. This is also one of the most painful ear piercings you can get. At the same time, Auricle piercings look very effective and attractive so there are many people who choose this piercing. In order to avoid problems with this relatively rare piercing, it is important to choose a reliable piercer with plenty of experience with Auricle piercings.

Auricle piercing is typically done at 14 gauge, but your piercer should decide the size that suits you best. Since the area around the piercing is small, it is important to use only small jewelry pieces for your Auricle piercing. Many people choose labret studs as their Auricle piercing jewelry, typically ornamented with shiny gems. Other jewelry choices for Auricle piercings include Captive Bead Rings, small circular barbells or other types of smaller piercing rings. It is also important that your Auricle jewelry is not too heavy, so this is another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best jewelry pieces for your Auricle piercing.