Atrophic Scar

Atrophic scar is a type of a scar you can get with your piercing. These scars are sunken areas on the surface of the skin and can be very large. Typically, these scars form as a result of scarification, injuries and other trauma to the skin. However, in some cases they can happen as a result of a piercing. This is particularly common with large gauge piercings or those that are produced with a scalpel rather than a piercing needle. While atrophic scars are not the most common type of piercing scars it is still important to know about them and how to treat them. One of the most common problems you can encounter with your piercing is scarring. This often happens with new piercings in healing but can happen even to the old and well-established piercings. Typically, scars that form around a piercing are hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. A rarer yet possible case is atrophic scars that can also form around a piercing.

Atrophic scars are very characteristic: unlike other types of scars that are raised, anthropic scars are sunken and lower than the regular skin level. This gives a pitted appearance to the skin. These scars are a common consequence of injuries and scarification but can happen with piercings. The most common piercings that can form atrophic scars are those where a larger area of skin is affects by a piercing. If you notice an atrophic scar forming around or near your piercing make sure to consult your doctor immediately. It is important to react quickly so you can remedy the issue and prevent further problems.