Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing is a lip piercing that is often called an “inverse vertical labret”. This piercing goes vertically through the lower lip but only one bead of the jewelry sits on the lip. This is a variation of a more popular vertical labret piercing in which both ends of the jewelry (both beads) are visible and located on the outside. With a typical vertical labret, both beads sit on the lower lip while with Ashley only one bead is on the lip while the other sits inside of the mouth. Ashley piercing is a rare lip piercing but it is very effective so there are people who are interested in getting this interesting piercing.

Since one end of the jewelry is on the lip and the other one is inside the mouth, Ashley piercing is considered both a facial and an oral piercing. It means that it requires double aftercare and two different ways to care for it during the healing time. This is very important to remember in order to prevent infections and other issues with your Ashley piercing. Typical jewelry for Ashley piercing is a curved barbell because it provides the best comfort. Some people opt to use Captive Bead Rings with their Ashley piercing. Other jewelry choices are rarer but also possible and they include labrets and straight barbells.