Apadydoe Piercing

Apadydoe piercing is a rare male genital piercing that combines Apadravya and Dydoe piercings. This is a very complex piercing and it is often done in pairs. Since this is a somewhat extreme genital piercing, it is very rare but there are still people who choose to have it. Apadydoe piercing is very striking and attractive so it makes for a very effective look. Since this is a combination of two different piercings it is reserved for those who want to take their genital piercings to a new level.

In essence, Apadydoe piercing is a combination of an Apadravya (vertical penis head piercing) and Dydoe (a piercing through the ridge of the glans of the penis). To make an Apadydoe piercing, both the Apadravya and Dydoe holes have to be connected by the same jewelry piece. Since this is an advanced piercing, many people choose to have Apadravya and Dydoe piercings first and later to connect them with a single jewelry piece. Typical jewelry for Apadydoe piercing is a Captive Bead Ring but some people choose to use other ring types.