Apadravya Jewelry

Apadravya jewelry is body jewelry made for the Apadravya piercing. Apadravya is one of the most popular male genital piercings. This is a penis piercing done vertically through the shaft. It is known as one of the most painful penis piercings but it’s also great for enhancing pleasure for the wearer and his partner. For this reason, there are many men who choose to have an Apadravya piercing even though it’s painful. In many ways, Apadravya piercing is a combination of a Prince Albert (PA) piercing and a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA) piercings. Apadravya typically goes through the urethra so the urine can clean the piercing and help during the healing process.

Apadravya jewelry is worn in Apadravya piercings. There are generally no specialized jewelry styles made for this piercing alone. Typical Apadravya jewelry is a straight barbell. This jewelry style is used almost exclusively. Since Apadravya piercings are generally done at the 10 gauge the barbells used have to be of the same gauge, which is slightly larger than straight barbells used for other piercings. Also, it is important that the straight barbell is long enough so it can accommodate for the erection. Apadravya jewelry helps a lot enhancing pleasure during sexual intercourse. The ball of the Apadravya jewelry can rub nicely against the woman’s G-spot. The size of the ball can make for different sensations. However, it is important to always choose Apadravya jewelry with smooth barbells to protect the partner. Also, the barbell itself has to be super smooth so it doesn’t hurt the penis.