Antiseptic is a substance that is applied to skin and tissue to prevent infections and other problems. They are very important for piercings, both during the piercing procedure and later, during the healing time. Antiseptics can wipe out many harmful pathogens, as well as dirt and other unwelcome things from the skin. This is why a good antiseptic is a must for those who want to perform piercings and for people who wish to maintain them. Similarly, a good antiseptic can help you with cleaning of your sex toys, mainly metal ones. However, it is very important to understand that while a good antiseptic is a must in a piercing studio, this is not enough for full sterilization. In order to make an instrument, a jewelry piece or a sex toy completely sterile it is important to use an autoclave. Keep this in mind when thinking about cleaning and sterilization, since they are not the same thing.

There are many different antiseptics that are used for piercings. Some of the antiseptics can act as germicides so they destroy pathogens while other antiseptics simply act by preventing or limiting the growth of said pathogens. Typical antiseptics used in piercing practice include alcohol and iodine, as well as hydrogen peroxide. For piercing clients, it is best to use a mild form of a saline solution that can clean the piercing properly without using stronger substances such as alcohol. Also, it is important to note that antiseptics reduce the risk of infections and other problems but they cannot prevent them completely. This is why it is so important to clean and monitor your piercing regularly to notice any early warning signs so you can act quickly.