Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-tragus piercing is an ear piercing made on the special fold on the cartilage located opposite of the tragus, on the outer side of the ear. This piercing is both effective and relatively discreet, so it is good for those who want to have a stylish yet not huge ear cartilage piercing. Anti-tragus piercing is typically done with a small gauge needle. It is crucial that your piercer doesn’t use a piercing gun since these things are dangerous and can cause more harm than good. Typical jewelry for an anti-tragus piercing includes small curved barbells and circular barbells. Since the area is relatively small, microbarbells and other jewelry types with small beads and balls are ideal for this piercing.

The size of the fold for an anti-tragus piercing is highly individual so not all people have the fold large enough to be pierced. However, most people are anatomically suited for this piercing, though it is always good to book a consultation with your piercer to make sure that you can get an anti-tragus piercing. Another potential problem is the number of other piercings: since this is a relatively small area, other ear cartilage piercings and their jewelry can come into the way so there is not enough room to pierce the anti-tragus. This is another thing to keep in mind before you get an anti-tragus piercing. This is why it’s best to consult a piercer to make sure that you can get an anti-tragus piercing without a problem.