Anodization is a special chemical process used on metals that can result in gorgeous colors. This is a great thing for body jewelry since it produces jewelry pieces in vibrant colors without the use of paints and artificial chemicals. Anodization changes the color properties of the metal but without compromising its safety. It means that anodized jewelry is completely safe to use as body jewelry. Anodization also protects metals from corrosion and makes them more durable. The process itself involves increasing the thickness of the oxide layer on the metal. Different thicknesses of this layer produce different colors.

Many metals can successfully be anodized but this process is most commonly used for titanium and niobium, which are popular body jewelry materials. On the other hand, some metals such as iron or carbon steel exfoliate when they are oxidized and the layer flakes off. It means that these metals can’t be anodized. Anodized titanium and niobium jewelry produces numerous vibrant colors such as purple, yellow, green, copper, gold, fuchsia and many others. It is also possible to produce a rainbow, “oil silk” jewelry. However, keep in mind that anodization cannot produce certain colors on titanium and niobium, such as red and black.