Anal Piercing

Anal piercing is a rare genital piercing performed on the anus. Keep in mind that there are some more common piercing types done near the anus, such as male Guiche or female Fourchette. As such, many people looking for anal piercing are actually interested in Guiche or Fourchette. That being said, it is possible to get a true anal piercing but it is absolutely vital to choose a piercer with plenty of experience performing these types of piercings. A true anal piercing is done on the anal sphincter itself. It is not easy to perform or maintain this piercing since it is located on such a sensitive spot. However, there are some men and women who have successfully received this piercing. Keep in mind that even a true anal piercing is done only on the membrane around the anal sphincter: it can never go too deep inside the anal opening. That being said, this piercing can be done at various depths so there are people who have a shallow anal piercing that only touches the anal sphincter slightly, as well as people who have a very deep anal piercing that goes more into the sphincter. The exact placement and depth should be decided by your piercer based on your anatomy and preferences. Typical jewelry for an anal piercing is a Captive Bead Ring or another type of a piercing ring.

Anal piercings require vigorous aftercare and cleaning since they are located at a spot that gets dirty easily. Since this is a very sensitive body part, expect some challenges during the healing time, particularly for defecating.